Saturday, 12 January 2019

"There's never one when you want one, then two come along at once" Linn Wakonda revisited.

Here's something I'd never thought I'd see again....

Remember the post about the rare Linn Wakonda LP12 power supply (here) ?

Well, John tracked me down (internet, eh?) It turns out he's got another one (and turns out to be a mate of a mate of a mate, twice removed...)

"Hi Andy

are you able to repair a linn lp12 Wonka pcb...its been working fine but has developed a problem where the motor stutters and jerks once its switched off

is this something your could help me with?"

Yeah ... Why not?

He's seen my blog post, and has done the cap change as I had, but still no joy.

Now this sounds very familiar to a failure on the Linn Axis (of evil) power supply where the speed selection logic goes screwy ...

It duly arrives from that bit of the UK right at the top.

Sure enough all the caps had been done (bar one), and a tidy job it was too :)

Despite the remaining cap being OK, I replaced it anyway.

Tracing the speed control logic through proved one of the counters had forgotten how to count. It's U15 on the board.

Replacement provided a cure...

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