Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Beocord 2000 De Luxe - no playback.

Pyers put out a distress call on the internet ..

"Does anyone have an old reel to reel which does 3-3/4 ips 1/4 track? I have a load of old tapes to digitise."

A mutual friend came back with this ..

It's a Bang and Olufsen Becord 2000 De Luxe (no less)

"Needs a service. Hamstall Ridware: But it’s bloody tidy. Dust cover and all."

It found it's way here...

Initial testing showed it only worked on one speed (there are three, 1 7/8 IPS, 3 3/4 IPS and 7 1/2 IPS), and even then only when it was tilted on it's side. It was also running slow when it was running...

Two of the world's longest screws, and the bottom comes off.

Doesn't look like it'll help us much, as the fault is obviously mechanical.

Although I can get a glimpse of what's to come!

Off with the top plate...

It's immediately apparent that the capstan is not being driven properly. Belts look in reasonable nick though!

The spring that holds the idler against the capstan flywheel, and the motor drive hub has broken, there's precious little friction to drive the flywheel.

You'll need to remove both the rewind and capstan drive idlers to gain enough access.

The spring has broken at the hook end, so I shorten it as little as possible and form a new hook.

This is the bias oscillator. We'll need to remove this to get the spring back on. There are two screws each side of the heatsink...

And the module is carefully unplugged, and set to one side.

Then, after some not inconsiderable cussing, the spring is attached at the capstan end, fed through and attached at this little bar underneath the bias oscillator.

The capstan idler is cleaned, and slid back into place, and secured with it's circlip (not forgetting the felt pad).

It's the same procedure for the rewind idler.

The bias oscillator is replaced.

Just need to clean up that grubby tape path, and put it back together!

And it's up and running :)