Thursday, 17 January 2019

Linn Kairn Err 2 "Don't Panic" !

Turns out Colin's got a few items of Linn gear ...

"CD works great, but the pre-amp keeps displaying an error.

Can you have a look?"

Yeah ... why not...

Connecting up power gives this familiar error message... Something's wrong with the memory checksum.

Undo the four screws underneath and slide off the cover....

Oh gawd ... Thankfully this particular flavor of "Brilliant" is quite reliable...

We need to remove the front panel. Two M3 sliver screws near the front on the bottom, and two countersunk screws, one on each side. Remove the ribbon connector.

Remove the screws holding the shield in place.

Disconnect the next ribbon cable and put the shield to one side.

... and there's the issue. The Varta mempac battery. Green and fluffy! A new one is duly fitted. The unit will still show an error for the first time it's switched on again. Once the memory is written to, all will be well :)

If there's any sign of electrolyte leaking on to the board, this must be thoroughly cleaned up with IPA.

The new battery arrives .... I have to say they've upgraded the capacity a bit!!!

110Ah .... I think not !

Ah ... 150mAh ... more like it!

And after powering up twice, all is well...

Plenty of in's and out's!


  1. Super.
    Même PB : err 2 don't panic

  2. Rob Wu - chaos.wg@gmx.de6 December 2019 at 23:39

    Hi, I like your Manual to repair the Linn Kairn. I tried it too - but somehow my Eprom lost it's data. I am not shure if it lost the memory because of the dead battery. It's an M27C256 with a Sticker on it "AE31-LK2V00-25/11/94". Do you have a Image from a Linn Kairn Eeprom and could send it to me?

  3. Hello, i have a question about the panic in the screen showed .
    I had that very sort wail,but also my power green light is out this related to the back up battery problem ??
    Thanks for now
    Regards Charles

    1. Hi Charles. I think something may have got lost in translation... a "sort wail"? What have you changed or replaced?

  4. I recently acquired a Kairn Pro which had a new battery installed but when powered on it than goes out, no power at all. I did get the Err 2 message on the first power on. The Kairn worked for an hour than shut off. Now it will turn on and power immediately down, sometimes no power at all. Thanks

  5. I have the EPROM dump..... how can I give it to you?

  6. I want to thank you with all sincerity for posting these Kairn battery replacement steps. It took me about a half an hour but the preamp has been started...twice...all is well..for sixteen more years, I hope. My Linn Kremlin is giving me an error 2 on startup. Probably the same issue.

  7. The Linn Kremlin ("err2" message displayed) (and Kudos?) tuner(s) battery and replacement process are the same as the Kairn.
    Thank you again.

  8. great advice!!! i replaced the battery for the first time in 27 years. and all was like described. amazing...
    and thank you

  9. Hello, I need the front pannel PCB of Linn kairn (version with phono) or the schematic of front pannel. Because my kairn is died and many circuit línes are destroyed by the leaking battery. Thank you for your help.