Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Acer AL1716 monitor repair.

Finishing off the McIntosh last night, and I glanced up at the CCTV monitor on my workshop wall... it's flickering horribly.. I switched it off.

So I walk into the workshop tonight, armed with a new HDD for the computer, as the old one simply hasn't got a big enough swap partition to render my new video (spoiler alert, it's a TV restoration...), switch on the monitor and it just sits there, ticking slightly with it's power LED flashing in sympathy.

Hmm... the power supply's tripping.

I get it down off the wall .... It's an Acer AL1716 17" 4:3 monitor I was given secondhand 10+ years ago. It's served well.

Undo the two screws on the back behind the controls, and remove the back with a guitar pick or spudger...

Remove that bit of yellow tape, and the silver screening tape. Leave it stuck to the LCD panel, and remove the lead to the front panel controls. Remove the four screws holding the electronics to the back of the LCD panel.

Remove the four connectors to the back light, two at the top, two at the bottom...

Lift the electronics a little, and remove the connector to the LCD panel by pushing the small catches on each side of the connector, and gently removing...

Put the LCD panel safely to one side.

Remove the black plastic cover, and all the screws from both controller and power supply board. Remove the two "bail lock" screws from the VGA connector.

Now you can remove the PCBs, and unplug the power supply form the controller board.

The main reservoir capacitor was holding a good charge of about ~90V. I discharged it through a 10K resistor, so it couldn't bite!

Let's play a game of "spot the duff capacitor"

Plenty to start with!

Including this one, whose top was fine, but had let go at the bottom! I decided to change all the red coloured electrolytics.

The repaired PCB, and the guilty parties!

Bingo, another saved from landfill...

Now to change this hard drive!


  1. My Acer H277HU 27-inch With USB-C Monitor broke the same way, will this work for my monitor too or not?

    1. NO idea, never seen one! Maybe someone else reading this can help?