Monday, 4 February 2019

Linn Kairn - no remote

Problems, problems...

The Linn Kairn I did recently came bouncing back .... (Click here for the original article)

"The remote doesn't work"...

In my defence, I didn't try the remote... and I didn't know the unit's whole history.

It was part of a Linn multi-room set up.

I checked that U7 and U10 on the user menu were set to zero... they were.

So , out with the front panel again ...

And remove the front panel PCB...

This is the area of the board responsible for the infra-red receiver... it's a band pass filter to remove any noise from the carrier, amplify it and pass it to the microprocessor for decoding.

It's fed by an infra-red photo-diode on the other side of the board ....

..... except for it's missing!! Someone has un-ceremoniously snipped it out!

Swear words were duly ordered, along with a replacement diode.

Which provided (unsurprisingly) a complete cure!

(Cathode of the diode goes to the "square" hole by-the-way... like I'm ever going to need this info again!!!)

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