Saturday, 15 August 2015

Technics SL-P1200B Compact Disc Player

This belongs to lovely chap in the beautiful country of Wales.

It's a commercial CD player, favored (briefly) by the beeb and independent local radio stations in the late 80's , early 90's. This one dates from 1988.

The -P version was specifically for broadcast use, and instead of the large slider on the right being for pitch control, it's a fader. The pitch control is the small knob on the top right.

Rumour has it the poor things gained a reputation for being a finicky, requiring the CD to be spotless, and was possibly responsible for more "dead-air" back then than anything else. Sad really, because the spec is fantastic, Burr-brown PCM54HP DAC's and Technic's successful "Class AA" bits and bobs.

All this needed was a bit of a service. The laser is fantastic and should give plenty of good service back in the motherland!


  1. Excellent as always Meister Doswell, thank you! However I'd argue that the Technics SP10 turntable was a much better product for domestic use.

    1. ... but not if you want to play a CD ....

  2. Whoops, I've done it again and my sincerest apologies, that comment was meant elswhere in your excellent repetoire ... another senior citizen moment. My braincare specialist will be working overtime!