Thursday, 13 August 2015

Mini 1275GT ... more corrosion

 ... and so it continues....

N/S Floor in 
N/S heel board cut out
Check alignment
New N/S heel board cut to size...
... and welded in place.
There needs to be 50.5 inches between these bolts and the ones on the other side.
N/S heel board / boot floor/ rear pocket closer panel welded in
N/S inner sill seat belt mounting point welded in, and door step to a-post panel lined up
... and welded into place
N/S rear quarter repair cut to size and welded.
Nasty near side floor bodge removed
... rear pocket unpleasantness!
Much more to cut out yet!
O/S Inner wing repaired
O/S heel board / rear seat area repaired
... and rotten heel board cut out
more to come ....
Inner wing repair (another view)
Nasty.. most of the floor comes out with the a-post still attached
... nasty
Lower rear pocket is in a bad way due to being sandwiched between two rotting pieces of floor 
.. so a new section is made up and welded in place

Floor taking shape...
Check fit ... and I'm not happy with it... 

... so I turn my attention to the rear heel board again! 
and the closer panel
Outer sill in place... 
... starting to come together... but why wasn't I happy with the fit?
Because the centre cross member was in a bad way .... so I cut it out
.. welded some tabs to a new one to ensure good alignment, and welded in place.
... then the boot floor gets a repair piece...
... or three
Valence checked for fit
Rotten lower section of the rear panel cut out and replacement welded in

Inner wheel arch repair (this is where it all started!)
.. then I hit filler in the top part of the O/S rear quarter...
... so it gets cut out
... and , after two evening's worth of cutting and fettling...
The new panel is fitted and welded in.
Window rail and quarter stiffener panel fitted.

A coat of primer to protect the new metal.

A coat of priner and stone chip for the floor , and refit the freshly painted rear subframe.

Refit the front subframe (again freshly painted), and back on it's wheels.

... still much work to do to the front panel, and of course paint and reassembly, but that's it for now.

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