Saturday, 13 December 2014

NAD 310 repair.

This nice little 90's amp found it's way to me with the comment ...

"Just needs a squirt of switch cleaner, one of the volume controls doesn't work"

Sadly not.... and I can see marks on the PCB where someone had been liberally spraying the stuff at the poor innocent volume control!

What happens is the joints break up between the volume pots and the PCB... leading to an intermittent or non-existent connection.

A quick solder up of these joints provides a long lasting repair.... if only it was a quick job. Most amplifiers of this design require a considerable amount of disassembly to get to the joints. Joints to and from the phono connectors on back panels present a similar problem.

Just to show you how long this sort of thing takes, here's a time-lapse video I made (and I wanted an excuse to try some sort of overhead camera thing!). This repair took an hour!

... still better than a "soundbar" or other hideous self contained speaker.

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  1. Been there... Whe working at the college I repaired one for the HOD, it came back the following day, in this instance it was a blown output stage. After the third time I insisted on visiting his house. The fault was soon found, on the insistance of the "other half" the decent speaker wires were replaced with bell wire which was "NEATLY" stapled to the skirting board and painted white. The staples making a perfect S/C evry 300mm or so. Brilliant!!! I never did like the sound of NAD amplifiers, too laid back and lacking detail. And that started with the dreaded NAD320.