Monday, 15 December 2014

A sad end ... and a new beginning.

Ladies and gentlemen, please. A moment of silence for the workshop's Weller TCP soldering iron.

Since 1995, it has provided many hours of soldering. Repaired countless electronic circuits. Outlasted two marriages. Been a loyal friend. Last month saw the need for a new tip. But, alas, the old one had seized into the element's housing. After a liberal soaking in Plus-gas (other penetrating oils are available), freezing & heating,  the element failed to recover from the procedure.

Thankfully, a new element was just a day away (Here eBay is not your friend. Elements on eBay were very expensive. I got mine from RS Components)

The iron-y (ouch!) is that you need a soldering iron to fit it. Anyway, I have several irons, but none so good as the venerable Weller!

Here's to the next 19 years of service!!

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