Monday, 23 March 2020

Cambridge Azur 650C compact disk player - no audio

I popped into my favorite record shop, Desirable Vinyl in Evesham, to have a browse. 

Jason the owner said "Just the man... I've a customer who's CD player has broken, can you take a look?"

Yeah, why not...

It's a Cambridge Audio Azur 650C, and there's no audio.

A beautifully made thing... it becomes rapidly apparent that the muting relay has stuck...

A new one is procured and fitted, and restores the audio... :)

They tray's a bit reluctant to open, however.. A simple job, the belt has had it. It's tucked under the tray... 

In common with most modern transports, the tray is released but a catch, in this case either side of the tray. Just open the tray, switch the machine off, and carefully release both catches and slide the tray out... 

Then you can just slide the belt out from the two pulleys , and replace it.

Another saved from landfill.

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  1. Thanks Doz for saving this decent quality CD from landfill. I am sure my customer will be relieved and happy to have music again. Jase (Desirable Vinyl)