Thursday, 8 February 2018

The Korg Nutube 6P1...

It is with much excitement that I opened a box from RS Components....

It's here!
Possibly the only new thermionic device made this century! Oh the excitement!!

It's a tiny double triode which promises "Real vacuum tube sound. The real triode structure produces a warm, unique vacuum tube sound, delivering excellent linearity."

It's built using vacuum florescent display technology, and is tiny. 

Marketing guff can be found here ...

and real data can be found here:

It already is appearing in guitar pedals all over the internet, and it's going to feature in a project near here very soon.


  1. What a lovely article, thanks again Mr D! I'm surprised you have not used Nuvistors, I've had some fun with them in the past. Still got a small box of them somewhere... ;-)

    1. Bet you don't have any sockets for them, though!