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Thursday, 8 February 2018

The Korg Nutube 6P1...

It is with much excitement that I opened a box from RS Components....

It's here!
Possibly the only new thermionic device made this century! Oh the excitement!!

It's a tiny double triode which promises "Real vacuum tube sound. The real triode structure produces a warm, unique vacuum tube sound, delivering excellent linearity."

It's built using vacuum florescent display technology, and is tiny. 

Marketing guff can be found here ... http://korgnutube.com/en/

and real data can be found here:

It already is appearing in guitar pedals all over the internet, and it's going to feature in a project near here very soon.


  1. What a lovely article, thanks again Mr D! I'm surprised you have not used Nuvistors, I've had some fun with them in the past. Still got a small box of them somewhere... ;-)

    1. Bet you don't have any sockets for them, though!