Thursday, 29 June 2017

Simple Arduino Thermostat with MAX7219 Display and DS18B20 sensor

Just shows how these jobs snowball....

James had seen Oto's dehumidifer controller, and said "I need something to monitor and control the temperature of my honey warming cabinet" (it's a beekeeping thing!)

A simple thermostat, with a nice clear LED display, and adjustable set point was born ....

You'll see the code, and most of the schematic is very close to the dehumidifier controller, so I'll not dwell too much on that.. the main difference is the use of the MAX7219 7 segment display, previously used on the GPS clock, and the DS18B20 temperature sensor, which I'd previously used in the pond pump controller.

Here's the code:

Ryan built up a nice enclosure....

... and, in a stroke of genius, added a strip of red PVC insulating tape to improve the contrast of the display!

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