Sunday, 6 November 2016

Nakamichi Dragon.

Nate called.

"Can you give my Dragon a service?"

Yeah ... why not?

I though I'd share a few photos.

This must be the Rolls-royce of cassette decks. Adjustable everything.

There's a lot going on inside...

It's auto reverse, but in standard form, with two pinch rollers, rather than the "flip the tape round" of the Nakamichi RX series

... here's what makes it special...

... see those 4 gear wheels? They are used to alter the azmuth alignment of the head on the fly.

A truly remarkable piece of engineering, and the pinnacle of cassette reproduction!

I've heard some rumours on various forums that the playback of pre-recorded and tapes recorded on other machines is not so good on these decks. I must say that's not my experience at all. Playback is superb.

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