Sunday, 2 October 2016

Wharfdale Airedale SP2 Speakers.

Well, there appears to scant information on the web about these wonderful speakers, so I thought I'd share some pictures of mine up. Sadly they're not going to be with me long, as they're not exactly wife-friendly, due to there huge size (H 88cm W 46.5cm D 44cm!)

They were Wharfdale's top-of-the-range speakers in the mid 70's.

Tweeter. I saw a thread on a forum that said these were ribbon tweeters, but I don't think so. How do you make a round ribbon?

Upper mid-range, with felt suspension...

4" mid-range, again with felt suspension.

... and the 10" bass driver, with rubber suspension.

They sound fantastic, and are in really good condition. Speakers of this age generally start to have problems with the suspension breaking up, but these are just great. Sadly they're just too it's off to eBay with them :(

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