Friday, 16 September 2016

Nakamichi RX-202E

This arrived in the workshop.

It's a Nakamichi RX-202E Unidirectional Auto-reverse cassette recorder. A thing of rare beauty and quality. I must say the quality of reproduction on this unit, knocks the Pioneer CT-F1250 we looked at earlier in the year into a cocked hat, but it is substantially younger!

It unidirectional, because the tape only ever travels in one direction, so no need for two capstans, two pinch rollers, and a complicated and compromised head which will play both sides of the cassette or a complicated mechanism to rotate the head.

Oh no, this uses a complicated mechanism to remove the cassette from the transport and turn it over!

A video is worth a thousand words....

All this machine wanted was a service, and a repair to the position sensor pot.

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  1. I always aspired to owning a Nakamichi cassette player, but the most I ever managed were JVC, B&O and eventually the three head Sony Sony TC-KA3ES which I still use!
    The dream was to own a Nakamichi Dragon... Dream on!