Friday, 12 August 2016

Arduino Fast GPS datalogger - with switchable units, configuration of U-blox GPS in runtime, and KML. The International Version !!

Well, here it is folks.

Ryan's Dad lives in Australia, and Ryan wanted to make a version of the fast GPS datalogger that his dad could use on is boat.

After sorting out the problems Ryan had with his U-blox GPS module here, we set about a few mods.

Firstly, was to be able to select the units of speed selectable when the unit first starts up. The sketch now looks for a button, connected between A3 and ground. This allows the unit to be set for KPH (Kilometres per hour), KTS (knots) and MPH (Miles per hour). This is selected by the new void configureUnits. It times out after a couple of seconds. The configureUnits void sets a flag, which selects which type of data is written to the Speed variable, and written to both the display and the card.

 Here's Ryan's version, bread-boarded and tested on the bench.

Here's the new schematic, showing the addition of the "Select units" switch, and the extra connection to the GPS module to allow us to set the Ublox receiver's configuration.

And, of course, the new code:

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  1. Great work, Andy. I will test this version in the future. Thank you again. LM