Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Arduino Fast GPS datalogger updated. Now with KML!

Now Updated (again) with selectable speed units, and configuration of U-blox GPS in runtime, avoiding the need to use U-Center to configure the receiver.  Click Here!

The fast GPS datalogger project is the most popular project on here. Link.

It's been working well on the race car since it's inception, and has provided some really useful data to improve the performance of the driver!

What isn't so great is how the data is stored. It stores everything, regardless of fix, number of races etc, so it's a headache to filter out each race, and remove useless invalid data, either without a time stamp or valid position or speed, and then turn it into something that could be used. I have been painstakingly converting the data into KML, which we can directly read with mapping software, such as Google Earth.

I've made some modifications to the software to sort out some of these issues... here's the new features:

Each time the record switch is pressed, valid GPS data is required, and once obtained, a new file name is created from the current time, HHMMSSCC.kml  (in UTC, CC representing centiseconds here), and the KML header file is written.

Now the file is built as in the previous version, except this time in KML format.

Speeds below 5 MPH are not recorded.

When record is switched off, the KML file is completed and closed.

So once the card is removed from the unit, simply read the kml file from the card, and open in google earth.

So I went out for a quick jaunt in England's green and pleasant....

... and loaded the KML file straight into google earth.

No more tedious editing required!

No changes to the hardware are required. Just remember to disconnect the RX line from the GPS module when attempting to load the new sketch.

Here's the code:


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