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Saturday, 6 February 2016

Pye "Black Box" with Garrard 209

Just a quicky this one.

Derek called "My record players gone quiet"

No problem, bring it over...

A lovely Pye Black Box duly arrives..

These are a super player, much better (in my humble opinion) than the Dansette of the same era. This one dates from the early 60's, and is a rare one, as it sports the Garrard 209 deck.

A quick diagnosis, but a fiddly fix as one of the fine wires had broken from the cartridge to the amp, just at the pivot point of the arm.

The deck, for a change, wasn't gummed up with sticky grease, and worked fine.

The audio quality is very respectable indeed.

Here's a quick video.


  1. My dad bought one back in the early 50s. They sound better than a Dansette for the very good reason that they cost a small fortune.

    The retail price was about 49 guineas IIRC.

    My dad's has the amplifier with the EL41 (or was it EL42) either in ultralinear or triode connected mode, I can't remember which, I think they started off as triode connected and later on became ultralinear when that became a selling point.

    Somewhere on the interweb there's a picture of the associated radio tune that was available.

    Nice site.

  2. Hi there
    Couple of years on but would it be for sale?

  3. Hi again woukd you have a soare Garrard GSC8/209 cartridge to sell or could you tell me the suitable replacement, I'm going to try an Astatic 422 but would prefer an original for a 209 I'm trying to save