Thursday, 9 October 2014

Thank You.

Thank to all the visitors to my website. There's been over 800 visits since it started, and I think that's nothing short of miraculous.

It amazes me the diverse countries that have visited. Everywhere from USA, UK, France, Germany, Russia, Argentina, Australia, Iraq, Thailand, Brazil, Canada, Indonesia, Romania. This list is constantly growing. I am humbled!

Coming up in the next few weeks:

1957 Ekco U341 repairs and restoration, and iPod modification.
WEM (Watkins) Copycat repairs and restoration.

I'm also planning on doing a bit about my 1978 Mini 1275GT, since the MOT (annual inspection) failed! Expect lots of pictures of corrosion here!

There's also a plan to add temperature monitoring to the pond pump controller. I'm slightly concerned that the pump may try to run if the water is frozen, and either damage the pump, or attempt to pump water over a frozen waterfall, and empty the pond.

There's a lot to do, and a lot to share, so pop back soon.

840 visits ... who'd have thought it ....

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